EAPT Governance & Strategy

EAPT is a non-profit making legally registered organisation and operates in accordance with the EAPT Statutes and Internal Rules. The statute ‘Articles’ set out the composition of the association and the governing structure. The Internal Rules govern the procedures and processes of EAPTs internal workings. EAPT members adjust, set and agree the Statutes and Internal Rules at the annual general meeting.

The Board

EAPT is led by a democratically elected Board made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media and two Members. The Board is elected at the annual general meeting through a nomination and voting process laid down in the internal rules. Each elected position serves a maximum of a 3 year term of office and may be re-elected for one more term of office.

The Members

Membership is open to European Associations of Pharmacy Technicians only. The constitution of EAPT consists of a maximum of two approved representatives from each of the national association members. Each approved representative has voting rights that are applied to EAPT business at the general meeting held annually. Members adhere to the EAPT Code of Conduct.


EAPT Finance

EAPT national country members pay an annual fee to support the running of the association’s business, i.e. annual website license fee, bank fees, expenses, etc. The annual fee is proposed by the Treasurer and approved by the members at the annual meeting following the presentation of the annual EAPT balance sheet. The current EAPT fees are based on a proportionate fee structure relative to the income and membership numbers of the member countries. The rationale supporting this model is that some national associations are funded differently and are able to pay a higher fee than those that are voluntary organisations.

Fee structure

Under 2500 members = €250 Between 2501 and 5000 members = €350 Over 5001 members = €500 EAPT finances are calculated on a calendar year. Invoices are sent to the member countries by 1st December for payment to be received by 31st January. If this payment is missed a follow up reminder states that non-payment by the 31st March will result in termination of membership.

EAPT Strategy

The EAPT Board is elected for a 3 year term and are tasked with developing an organisational and performance strategy. The strategy outlines the strategic aims and objectives which inform the annual work plan that is agreed by the national country members. The Board reviews and monitors performance against the annual plan and risk manages completion of the associated tasks.


1. Strengthening the recognition of EAPT as representatives of Pharmacy Technicians across Europe

Specific Objectives

  • Developing Policies
  • Strengthening collaboration with FIP
  • Greater visibility of EAPT & Pharmacy Technicians globally


  • Develop a position statement on Falsified Medicines Directive
  • Development of policy on closer collaborative working with FIP & EAHP
  • Participation in annual FIP congress
  • Support the establisment of a global Pharmacy Technician network in collaboration with FIP

2. Awareness of policy initiatives in member countries & protecting the Pharmacy Technician role

Specific Objectives

  • To produce valid reports on the differences and similarities between Pharmacy Technicians in Europe


  • Community Pharmacy Technicians European survey
  • Education and Training Programmes of Pharmacy Technicians survey
  • Scope of practice in different pharmacy settings survey (eg. hospitals)
  • Pharmacy Technicians administering vaccinations survey
  • Critical appraisals and written responses to specific member countries and policies

3. Strengthening the organisational capacity of EAPT

Specific Objectives

  • Recruiting new country members to EAPT
  • Developing a policy on non-paying members
  • Developing a policy for sponsorship, donations, funding and corporate partnerships


  • Advertising & promoting EAPT membership on the website/Facebook
  • Publication of articles in pharmacy journals & presenting poster at pharmacy conferences
  • Developing, reviewing and approval of a policy on EAPT membership fees, payment & penalities for non payment
  • Procedure for monitoring the adherence to the policy by country members
  • Discussion, critical analysis, amendments and approval of the draft policy

EAPT Sponsorship

As EAPT is a non-profit organisation and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that must remain independent and uphold the integrity of their activities. To access funds that do not contravene the principles and values of the Association and its members, EAPT works within a sponsorship policy. The policy sets out the principles that provide transparency of partnerships for this purpose.